Jammer891md Rules:

I made my own rules in Animal Jam. Sorry if i ruined Animal Jam Rules! Bye!Jammer891md rules

501 Area Pin Cheat! (Club Penguin)

Look at the pin. the circled pin. it’s there.

Place: 501 Area Basement

The pin says: 501

Where: top of the epf elite gear and cathering car

Kindly look at the circled part if you want to understand. Bye! C:Untitled.png



Last Moments In Aj

bandicam 2015-10-24 18-16-02-027

Hey Jammers! I have a lot of problems playing Animal Jam because of some friends REPORTING ME!!! 😥 THEY KEPT ON PROVOKING ME!!! So here are my last pictures from the Halloween story from youtube!:) Imma post videos as soon as i upload them on Youtube!

bandicam 2015-10-24 18-20-35-176

Here’s My Den (Look Like A Haunted House From The Story)

bandicam 2015-10-24 18-25-44-482

So I suggest all of you jammers to choose your friends wisely so you can enjoy. Bye! And the next things i will post will be about CLUB PENGUIN. If you want to find me in Cp, search my name: Oliver Johno. See ya!