5 Beta Clothing Giveaway! 151 subs special! Thanks for the subs!

I love all of you subscribers.

Since i got 151 subs, i am actually doing a giveaway!

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Last Moments In Aj

bandicam 2015-10-24 18-16-02-027

Hey Jammers! I have a lot of problems playing Animal Jam because of some friends REPORTING ME!!! 😥 THEY KEPT ON PROVOKING ME!!! So here are my last pictures from the Halloween story from youtube!:) Imma post videos as soon as i upload them on Youtube!

bandicam 2015-10-24 18-20-35-176

Here’s My Den (Look Like A Haunted House From The Story)

bandicam 2015-10-24 18-25-44-482

So I suggest all of you jammers to choose your friends wisely so you can enjoy. Bye! And the next things i will post will be about CLUB PENGUIN. If you want to find me in Cp, search my name: Oliver Johno. See ya!

Rare Spike Wristband!!

So I went to Forgotten Island with only the three of us, and then one quit at the start, so we continued searching for gems. And then we got RARE SPIKE WRISTBAND!! We got it in the White Gem Box!! We even opened boxes, and I got the Rare Heart Locket from one of them! So it’s okay to open boxes because it’s just random!spike wristband